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General Terms and Conditions for Consumers to buy on our webpage

§1 Contracts

Acceptance and delivery of orders for goods offered in the "Izzy-Sport" owned by RCEE GMBH, Speicherhof 209 (Haus 9), 28357 Bremen (hereinafter "RCEE") shall be made exclusively in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. They are available to the purchaser on the homepage and General Terms and Conditions which may be downloaded by the consumer. Any deviating provisions of the purchaser which RCEE does not expressly accept in writing shall not be binding on RCEE, even if RCEE does not expressly object to them. In particular, supply without reservation with the knowledge of opposing or deviating provisions shall not be regarded as acceptance.

§2 Supply Offer

The information given in the Online Shop about the products in our supply program is not binding. In particular, the information shall not be regarded as an offer to conclude an agreement.

§3 Orders

Orders must state the item number and be in accordance with the other information for the offers available to the purchaser under the link Online Shop of RCEE GMBH homepage.

§4 Agreements to be concluded

The Agreement shall be concluded by RCEE confirming electronically or by delivering the goods contained in the offer of agreement made by the purchaser in the form of the order. RCEE may reject orders. RCEE may accept and deliver only a part of the goods ordered if the order does not expressly request delivery in  full.

§5 Self-Supply Reservations

RCEE reserves the right to rescind the agreement if the goods ordered are not made available by RCEE own suppliers despite a contractual obligation to supply. In such case RCEE shall inform the customer without undue delay and reimburse any money already paid.

§6 Supply of Goods

1. RCEE shall be entitled to make part deliveries provided that they are reasonable to the purchaser and the purchaser did not expressly request delivery in full. However RCEE tries always to Goods in one delivery to Consumer. Should the goods ordered or a part thereof not be available for a long period of time, RCEE reserves the right to decline delivery of the goods. Usually RCEE only includes products which are at the point available. RCEE shall inform the purchaser without undue delay and reimburse any payments already made.

2. RCEE shall send the goods ordered at the cost of and to the address stated by the purchaser. In the case of part deliveries no additional delivery costs shall be charged to the purchaser. The costs will be clearly stated to the Consumer while pacing the order and before the final confirmation by consumer that the order shall be fix.

§7 Revocation Notification

1. Right of Revocation:

The purchaser can revoke the contractual declaration without giving reasons within two (2) weeks either in written form (for example letter, fax or email) or by returning the ordered goods. The two (2) week period begins on receipt of this notification at the earliest. Due dispatch of the revocation or return of the goods will satisfy the deadline.

The revocation must be sent to:
28357 BREMEN

Fax: +49 421 2031060

2. Consequences of Revocation:

In the event of a valid revocation, the services received by both parties must be returned and, where appropriate, any benefits (e.g. interest) must be surrendered. If the purchaser is unable to return all or part of the goods received or is only able to do so in a deteriorated condition then the purchaser shall pay compensation for the value, where appropriate. This does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is exclusively the result of testing as the purchaser would have been able to do in a shop. Moreover, the purchaser resp. consumer can avoid having to pay compensation by not treating the goods as an owner and not subjecting them to anything which would decrease their value.

Goods that can be sent by parcel post are to be returned. The purchaser shall bear the costs of the return consignment if the goods supplied, correspond to the goods ordered and if the order value does not exceed  € 40,00 or in the case of a higher price for the goods, the purchaser has not yet made any counter-performance or paid a contractually agreed instalment at the time of revocation. In all other cases, the purchaser resp. the consumer may return the goods free of charge.

Goods which cannot be returned by parcel post shall be collected from the purchasers address.

§8 Prices of Goods

1. Payment for the goods supplied shall be made in Euro (€) at the prices stated in the online shop on the day the order was placed plus postage and packaging and any statutory value added tax due. Dispatch costs are calculated according to the current scale of costs of the logistics company instructed with dispatch by RCEE. Before the order is dispatched the purchaser shall be informed of the postage and packaging costs incurred for the delivery of the desired goods. Ususally this will be already done while the purchase is going to place the order. In case this does not happen, RCEE will send a separate Email and asks the purchase resp. the consumer for final confirmation.

2. For deliveries to countries outside the EU additional costs may be incurred (customs duties, import levies, border clearance costs and maybe more). These costs must be beared by the purchase resp. the consumer. RCEE will not take over in case case such costs and the purchaser resp. the consumer is going to accept this case while placing the order fix.

§9 Payment Terms

The purchase price is due at the time of concluding the agreement in Euro (€) without deduction. The purchaser may pay by cash on delivery or credit card. Purchasers with place of residence outside Germany may only pay by credit card. There is the option of paypal, too.

§10 Reservation of Title

RCEE reserves title in the goods supplied until payment has been made in full. Payment shall mean receipt of value by RCEE. 

§11 Complaints, Customer Services

RCEE shall be responsible for material and legal defects in accordance with statutory provisions. Complaints about the products are to be sent to customer services at

28357 BREMEN

Tel: +49 421 2760859
Fax: +49 421 2031060

§12 Liability

1. We shall be liable pursuant to the statutory provisions if the purchaser asserts compensation claims:

a) owing to intentional or grossly negligent breach of our duties by us, our representatives or vicarious agents; or
b) owing to the fact that we have maliciously concealed a material or legal defect and to the extent that we have assumed a guarantee for the quality of the goods; or
c) owing to a breach of essential contractual duties, the fulfilment of which guarantees the proper execution of the contract in the first place and the
observation of which the contractual partner is or can be sure of.

2. Where there is no intentional or grossly negligent infringement of duty we shall only be liable for the damage which was predictable at the time the contract was concluded and is typical for the kind of contract.

3. Furthermore, we are liable pursuant to the Product Liability Act (in Germany language = Produkthaftungsgesetz) and in the case of damage to life, body or health.

4. Otherwise liability is excluded irrespective of the legal ground.

§13 Data Protection

Personal data shall only be recorded and processed if the purchaser passes on such information voluntarily within the context of the order or when opening a sales account. Without the express consent of the purchaser RCEE shall only use the data provided by the purchaser to fulfil and process the order. After complete processing of the order and payment in full of the purchase price the purchasers data shall be blocked for all further purposes and deleted on expiry of tax and commercial law requirements provided that further use of the data was expressly not consented to.

Cookies are used on the homepage. These are required exclusively for the functionality of the shopping basket and user account. For statistical purposes certain data will be recorded on the web server. The data include IP address, date and time zone, type of request, type of record and status (transfer successful, error, etcetera) and size and name of the file. These data are solely for internal statistics and shall be deleted after evaluation. is sending no newsletters to its customers, consumers, purchasers.

§14 Miscellaneous

1. Agreements with the person acting on our behalf which deviate from these General Terms and Conditions require our written confirmation for validity.

2. The purchaser may only set claims off against counterclaims which have been recognised in writing by RCEE or declared final and absolute.

3. German law applies exclusively excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Products (Goods).

4. If any of the above provisions should be or become invalid this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.

28357 BREMEN

Tel: +49 421 2760859
Fax: +49 421 2031060

Managing Directors: Ralf Egert
Value-Added Tax Registration Number DE246703275
ILN-NR.: 40 47385 00000 9 
Registered business address: BREMEN
Court of registration: Bremen District Court, Trade Register No. HRB 23426





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